Late Seth Radhakisanji Toshniwal
Late Sethani Laxmibai Toshniwa

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra)


An applicant for admission to the Semester - I Examination of the M.C.M. course shall be a student who is holding Bachelor Degree in any faculty of the University or an equivalent degree of a Statutory University.
The applicant shall be admitted to the next Semester as per following eligibility table.

Sr. No. Name of Exam The students should have completed the term satisfactory The students should have passed in all the subjects of the examination of
01 M.C.M. Part-I Semester - I M.C.M. Part-I Semester - I -
02 M.C.M. Part-I Semester - II M.C.M. Part-I Semester - II -
03 M.C.M. Part-II Semester - III M.C.M. Part-II Semester - III Semester - I M.C.M. Part-I
04 M.C.M. Part-II Semester - IV M.C.M. Part-II Semester - IV Semester - II M.C.M. Part-I

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